Image Source: ClipArt
Facilities Requests

In many television stations, the producer or director fills out the request for equipment and personnel that will be used for a certain production. The request is checked against other production needs to make sure that the equipment and personnel are available.

The facilities request also includes information on the dates and times that each item is needed. Additionally, how many items of equipment are needed, microphones, lighting gear, graphics, costumes, special makeup, editing suites and even station vehicles.

Most facilities requests are distributed internally, which allows for easy changes. The staff who approve the requests make sure that equipment and people are available at the date and times you need them. But late additions can be costly. Also, the more equipment you need, and the more operators, the more potential there is for something to go wrong. Try to get by with the least amount of equipment and personnel. Be economical!

Below is a small example of a Facilities Request in written form. These days, many TV stations will have staff fill them out electronically.