Canon Vixia HFR600 Camera Instructions
Very Basic

Attach the Battery Pack

This is the battery compartment before inserting the battery. You will need to press the battery into the compartment, making sure to align the leads in the proper position.

Slide the battery up until it clicks in place.

To remove the battery pack, slide the battery release lever on the underside of the camera in the direction of the arrow and hold it down. Then slide the battery down and pull out.

Mounting the camera on the tripod.

The plate must be attached to the camera. Align the holes on the bottom of the camera with the screw on the plate. Tighten the screw until the plate is firmly locked in place.

Mount the camera by placing it in the tripod tray with the lens facing opposite the pan handle (the stick on the tripod that you can use to pan the camera)

Once the plate sits in the tray, close the lever on the tripod to make a solid connection.

Insert the SD memory card
Make sure the power is off - (see below).

The memory card slot is on the inside compartment. Open the slot cover and insert the memory card gently. Don't try to force it in if it doesn't slide in easily. 

Insert the card with its label facing towards the lens.

Close the slot cover.

To remove the card, open the slot cover and push the card once to spring-release it. Pull it out gently, making sure not to touch the leads.

Powering the camera

Open the LCD panel to reveal the controls on the inside of the camera. Press the ON/OFF button to power up the camera. 

Initialize the SD memory card

You need to initialize the card first before it can be used. The initialize operation will permanently erase the card's memory, so make sure the contents are copied to a portable drive first. 

Use the touch screen on the LCD panel. Press the Home icon to get to the Home menu. 

Click on the screwdriver/hammer icon for Other Settings.

Then click on the wrench icon. Scroll down to where it says Initialize. Select it.

Then select the Initialize button to start the operation. 

Use Complete Initialization to erase everything on the memory card. 

Follow the instructions to confirm.

Operating Mode - AUTO

Use the basic operating functions of the camera to set it to AUTO mode. The camera will adjust the proper exposure and focus. 

Go back to the Home menu and select AUTO. This shooting mode will let the camcorder automatically use the best settings for every situation. 

Compose shots using the zoom.

Start recording by pressing the silver button above the side grip.