Zoom H5
Audio Recording Device

First, install the batteries in the back compartment. The Zoom recorder uses 2 AA batteries. The Armory Vault does not carry a supply of these batteries so students need to get their own.

Pop in the media card in the slot located on the side of the device. Insert with the card label facing up. 

Power up the device by sliding the power switch to the right and holding it until the display lights up.

Format the Media Card:
It's best that you start with an empty card. It's especially crucial that you don't use a card that already contains data that you shot from a camera. 
To format, press the MENU button on the side of the device.  

Use the thumb wheel next to to scroll to SD Card. Press the thumb wheel to select.

Then select Format to format the card. When formatting is done, there shouldn't be any data on the card. Press MENU again to return to the normal display. 

Using the Built-in Microphones
These microphones will record in stereo and they're ideal for recording conferences and even concerts. 

Make sure that the L and R buttons are selected. 

Check that the audio levels are turned up - the dial at the top of the device. The levels should reach to about -12dB for optimal recording without distortion. Any higher and you risk recording distorted audio. When the audio distorts (or clips) you will see the L and R buttons flash. 

Plug in headphones to monitor the audio during recording. 

To commence recording, press the REC button. The button will be lit during recording and you should see the time code counting up in the display. Press REC again to stop the recording. You can play back the recording using the playback controls on the front of the device. 

Using External Microphones
A lavalier (clip-on mic or lapel mic) is ideal when recording interviews. There is a wired version of the lavalier available in the Armory Vault - simply request one. A watch battery (supplied by the Vault) powers the microphone and the unit must be switched to ON.

Plug in the lavalier in the terminal located at the top of the device. Once you plug it in, the built-in microphones should be deactivated. You can adjust the level of the lavalier using the dial at the top of the device. 

Shotgun Microphone
This microphone is directional, meaning that it picks up audio well directly in front of the microphone. Basically, point the microphone in the direction of the sound. 
This microphone uses an XLR cable (3-pin professional audio cable) that can be plugged into one of the two inputs at the bottom of the device. 

The inputs are labelled 1 and 2. It makes no difference which input you plug it into - the recording will be made on only one channel - left or right. 

Press the 1 or 2 button on the face of the device to select the external microphone plugged into the bottom.